Our commitment to the Earth

21 April, 2023

Goals 2021 – 2030

Although our commitment to the planet should be daily, Earth Day is an opportunity to remember that the Earth needs us and to show our support for environmental protection.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, are a necessary path or, as United Nations describes them, an urgent call to action for all countries.

Industries need to take part in this. AliasSmith knows its role as an actor who has a responsibility to society and needs to contribute to the Global Goals. With this purpose in mind, our team, led by three engineers, two of them environmental engineers, set the following goals from 2021 to 2030:

  1. Have a solid Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management system, with actions such as creating a code of conduct for providers and a purchasing policy that involves CSR. Besides, creating an intern code of conduct and a sustainable policy and sharing the annual sustainability report, the CSR strategy, and goals with our team so that sustainability is always part of our DNA as a company. Finally, as we have been doing, participate in more external sustainability initiatives.
  2. Improve providers’ CSR performance: for this, we will know the situation of our producers inviting them to respond to a questionary and to participate in CSR initiatives. We will also include a clause in the agreements so that they sign our Code of Conduct.
  3. Become a top trend CSR reference in the spirits industry: we want to measure our impact, propose at least one sustainability project per year for our brands or the brands we represent, reduce 20% of our carbon emissions, and, of course, share what we do and inspire others!

As a team, we are working to achieve those goals and contribute to them with every action we take. We know that the path of sustainability is not the easiest but is the only possible if we want to preserve our planet today and for future generations.


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