Alias (otherwise called/known as) Smith is one of the most common surnames in the Anglo-Saxon world, and also the surname of the founder of the company. In the Iconic TV series from the 70ties Alias Smith & Jones, the western heroes ride the wild west, in what previously was Mexico, trying to do good helping other cowboys and cowgirls.

In the same manner, AliasSmith devotes all its time and effort to working for fabulous brands, one day representing a brand as if were our own and the other day promoting another brand with the same devotion having people filing the brand as our alias.

What do we do

Partner with brands of outstanding spirits to expand their presence and sales in the European and Eurasian market.
Deliver to more than 50 distributors in around 30 countries throughout Europe, Eurasia, and Middle East.
We support and invest in our producers to achieve their CSR certifications.
Transport on average 2,5 40-feet containers a month from Mexico to Europe.
Develop our own Brands and products.
Develop a State of the Art ERP-System for the industry.


Due to a bilateral treaty between the European Union and the Mexican government in 2011, an initiative was taken, and an investment was done with funds from the EU and Mexico to stimulate the growth of exports from Mexico to the EU.