The end consumer and our clients have the right to and demand to know that the products we sell are produced in sustainable conditions. Most of our providers are small family-run businesses and the European CSR standards are far from being fully implemented. AliasSmith is creating processes of control and contracts that support investments and improvements towards the standard we want to achieve.

2019 AliasSmith invested close to 1 400 hours to help one of our providers to reach a high qualification on the Afori -BCSI audit. We sincerely don’t see a quick return of investment but have through the process strengthen our relationship with the producer in a fabulous way and learned the importance of god CSR.

We strongly believe that doing what is right for environment and society is profitable on the long run so 2020 we signed up to do a complete inventory on the CO2-fotprint of every product we deliver. 2021 we employed a second environmental engineer which represent 20% of our workforce (We would love to see the leaders of the industry to cope with our ambition!)

We have got a lot to do to come close to our ambitions bout our commitment is firm and AliasSmith incorporates CSR, Climate and Ethics in the DNA of our business. During the later part of 2021 we will, together with our producers, launch several tools, solutions and products that we hope will improve the industry.

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