During the last 10 years, AliasSmith has organized more than 30 expert trips to Mexico for professionals.

The AliasSmith Expert Trips are for professionals in the spirits industry from all over Europe that want to gain a clear insight into the Mexican spirit and gastronomical wonder.

During our trips, which last between 12 – 14 days, we visit distilleries, plantations, the best bars and restaurants, and the regulatory authorities. We meet with the foremost leaders of the industry and experience the phenomenal ambiance of Mexico. The AliasSmith Expert Trips are always composed of small groups to arrange close meetings with the brand owners and producers.

The focus is knowledge and unique experiences opening doors few people know to exist. The AliasSmith Expert Trips are ambitious, and we cover several regions and cities to learn as much as possible about the different appellations of origin. A spirits expert is always leading the trip and making sure everybody gets out the best of the experience.
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